LaMay Day Launch Experience


“I love this event because it has art, music and liquor, all in which are my three favorites” singer and song writer JoLu said at the friendly, welcoming and high energy LaMay Day launch party, in Downtown Los Angeles, Saturday evening.

People flooded the venue to celebrate Sharick’s first launch party for her website in which it publicizes and brings recognition to different forms of art and creativity. They laughed, ate, networked and danced to the hottest and latest music that the 12-year-old, DJ Kiss played in the background.

Sharick, founder of LaMay Day said that it had officially launched the day of her birthday, May 1st; however she wanted to gather her friends, family and other businesses together and enjoy the many things that are going forth within her life. In addition, to mentioning where her love of art derived from, with father being a sculpture and mother a canvas artist, she developed her passion at a young age starting off by dancing, singing, acting, then branching of into other forms of art. “I love every form of art, being creative and fulfilling my purpose is what drives me. It is my motivation.”

The Oakland native said she relocated to Southern California because she considers LA to be a melting pot of artist and creativity. Being here and beginning something new and fresh, she also says that she wants to shy away from any negativity that may come along and focus wholeheartedly on her art and craft.

She is the true definition of Jack of All Trades, not only is she a host and red carpet correspondent, but says she has more projects in mind for the upcoming years such as producing original content which she says will be featured on her website, and brainstorming ideas for new television and cartoon shows, all while she continues to interview artist, then after chuckling, saying “I want to be like a baby Shonda Rhimes.”

Her talents and determination is both matchless and impeccable; she hopes her vision inspire all demographics no matter the age, race, religion, or gender because “everyone expresses themselves in a form of art whether they know it or not ” she said. So ladies and gentleman stay tuned because LaMay Day is coming your way!

IMAG3791 IMAG3775 IMAG3756

Coverage provided by: Irene Kirkland

2 thoughts on “LaMay Day Launch Experience”

  1. Very interesting and informative piece. While L.A. is a melting pot of arts, entertainment and culture it is difficult sifting through the sludge to find the jewels. LaMay Day creating a forum to put the best of the best on display is a much needed platform. I’m a fan already and will be following for all new information in regards to Art & Culture in LA.

  2. Hi there! This is Rico (Ricardo Rios) who sponsored the event with the Neon energy drink. While I am not officially a mixologist I did enjoy mixing my energy drink with the vodka for the guests. I drove from San Diego to network and expose Neon energy to LA. I am a fan of Sharick and wish her nothing but continued success. If anyone wants to know how they can order Neon unfortunately it is not sold in stores. You can however order from me. Visit and enter promo code : 3822483

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